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Ways to help you feel beautiful when you're feeling a bit BLAH

This Winter has been LONG if you're a Canberran. You know it's been a long Winter because everyone is totally over the cold. We are cranky. We want it to be Spring already (like the calendar promised!)

I'm a Summer gal through and through. I feel at my best when the warmth of the sun hits my limbs, when I don't have to pile on cumbersome layers before heading out the door. Nothing makes my heart sing than sitting on a beach, the full sun beaming down on me.

So this still-14-degrees-in-October business is making me somewhat impatient. More than that though, I feel OLDER, like the long Winter months have somehow aged me.

This isn't great for the 'ol mojo. You know those days when you look in the mirror and think 'Jesus, where did that wrinkle come from?' Yeah, those days are a thing at the moment.

So it's got me to thinking- how can I get out of this funk and feel beautiful again. Get my swagger back. And here are a few things that I KNOW work, when I implement them. Sometimes we just need a bit of self-care and self love and in time, the swagger reappears.

Try these gems to bring back your inner-babe:

1. Pump your favourite tunes! Britney and Beyonce will get you shimmying around the house in no time and all those glorious endorphins will have you feeling amazing. Nothing like a good shimmy and booty pop in the mirror to remind yourself you're a SULTRY  GODDESS, QUEEN OF THE DANCEFLOOR!

Britney Miss Winks Dancing- How to feel beautiful blog

Outta my way, bichachos!

2. Light some candles. Not only do they create a sexy atmosphere (hello mood lighting!) but the use of aromatherapy will either bliss you out, or energise you, depending on what you're going for. 

Miss Winks Blog- Damselfly candle

Damn Straight.

3. I don't know about you, but the Canberra Winter has left my skin less than perfect. Legs that haven't seen the sun in 6 months need a bit of prep work before those pins get on display. Time for a good 'ol exfoliation! If you don't have a scrub on-hand, don't despair. I make up a super easy and quick scrub from pantry ingredients that leaves your skin silky smooth:

Simply mix 4 heaped tablespoons of raw sugar with 3 heaped teaspoons on coconut oil and mix. Once you're in the shower work into your body in circular motions and rinse off. Your skin will be silky, you will smell divine and the bonus is, you don't need to moisturise!

4. OK, this one is a bit of a given, but now is the perfect excuse to pull out the hot lingerie that's been hiding under a pile of your Bridget Jones knickers for way too long. The knowledge of what is under your clothes is enough to give you a twinkle in your eye and hey, nice lingerie has been proven to positively affect confidence. As an added bonus, your significant lover will certainly not complain!

Cassandra the Label Harper Bodysuit- Miss Winks Blog

 Standard Friday night...

Kat the Label- Lullaby Set- Miss Winks BlogI

Standard Saturday night...

5. Pamper Yourself! I don't do it very often for fear of being too extravagant....but [email protected] THAT! Book in that massage, facial, haircut, manicure, brow makeover, teeth whitening...whatever! You will look and feel fresher and you will have some time out from the daily grind to focus on YOU (how often can you honestly say you do that?)

 6. Eat clean. When I'm feeling a bit blah, it's not unusual for my diet to go out the window. It's a bit of a chicken or the egg scenario: Does my diet suffer because I don't feel great or vice versa? Regardless I always notice a difference in my outlook when I eat well. Even just upping your water quota, cutting down on alcohol and aiming for 5 servings of veggies a day will help. Set a 7 day target and you will be spurred on from there.

Eight Twenty Braddon- Miss Winks Blog

My local- Eighty Twenty in Braddon. Mmm healthy.


So here's to a week of good old fashioned pampering, self-love and some sexy knickers.

Miss Winks xx

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