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REAL TALK: Boudoir Photoshoots with Photographer Amanda Thorson- are you game?

Have you ever toyed with the idea of having a boudoir photography session? I have. But then I recall the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha has some saucy images of herself taken (for herself, of course!) because she was in peak physical condition and wanted a keepsake of that time in her life. While I love that sentiment, peak physical condition is not a phrase I have ever really used about myself and in the back of my mind, I put a boudoir shoot as a future me idea... when I tone up, lose a couple of pesky KG's, my hair is longer etc etc. 

It occured to me recently however, while on a shoot with the gorgeous Amanda Thorson of Thorson Photography, that there is never going to be the 'perfect time'. As we chatted about her new offering of boudoir photography, the shoot team and I all concurred we would love to do it at some point but never felt quite ready. Amanda assured us everyone feels the same way but to just go for it. Getting your kit off in front of a photgrapher will always be daunting, even for seasoned models, but what you get out of it is a sense of empowerment, confidence and an inner strength that you may not have known you had. Not to mention some flattering and feminine images that you can give to your partner, or make like Samantha, and get them done just for you!

Boudoir Photoshoot- Miss Winks

We chatted to Amanda about the process and why the perfect time is now...

MW: We love your work Amanda! We have been following your wedding and family photography and think your style is so clean and natural. Why did you decide to start offering boudoir photography?

AT: My husband and I were joking around one day about me getting photos taken, we had a quick look online at what was on offer and were totally turned off. I wanted something that looked like me...not a weird over sexed version of myself. So me being a photographer I thought I'd give the ladies of Canberra what I myself wanted. Fun fact: my husband is still pissed that there is no one to photograph me.

MW: Poor hubby! What do you love about the shoots?

AT: I love how awkward it is, I think some photographers try and set the scene and making it sexy with music and stuff...but I just love what a laugh it is! You're in your underwear, it's a little uncomfortable, let's acknowledge that and have fun. I also love, love, love watching woman gaining confidence throughout the shoot. But after the shoot is always the best, the messages and emails from women who are totally into themselves now...seeing themselves how their partners see them, seeing themselves how they really are. I love what a confidence booster these shoots are.

Boudoir Photoshoot Miss Winks

MW: What do you offer in the service?

AT: I come to people's house and just shoot, no fuss. But if you do want fuss we can go to a hotel and hair/makeup can be provided. I'm happy however people want to structure their shoot, I want them to be themselves.

MW: If there was anyone thinking about doing a shoot, but hesitating, what advice would you give?

AT: Just do it. Honestly as women when are we ready to be photographed in our underwear? Never. There is always an extra kg to lose, a cm to shrink and it's crap. You look excellent now, I photograph skinny women and curvy woman and none of them find it easy for the first five minutes...then it's super easy cause you sit around in your underwear and I take hot photos of you. 

MW: Love that! How has the response been from women who have experienced a shoot with you?

AT: I've been totally amazed by the responses and honestly I get a little teary reading some of them. I didn't think taking a few photos of someone could help change how they see themselves. It's the best.

Boudoir Photoshoot- Miss Winks

MW: What are your best tips for self-love and body confidence?

AT: Loving yourself is a long road, it's hard not to criticise because that's all that is taught to us by the media, our mothers and friends. Things that are normal and good about our bodies are expressed as 'unsightly' which is a lie. If you're really going to change how you feel about yourself it will be hard and require work because it's reprogramming yourself...I know because I'm currently making this the focus of my own life. A few practical things I found to be helpful 1. Instagram, clean out who you follow. Are you following girls the size of your leg because they have cute outfits? When in reality you just compare yourself to them and end up feeling awful...unfollow. I made a point of following woman who enrich my feed, all shapes, all sizes and lots of smart ladies with interesting things to say. 2. Stop talking down about your body, to anyone...including yourself. Only encouragements allowed. 3. Good underwear and good jeans, they'll always make you feel like a winner.  

To find out more about Amanda's boudoir sessions visit www.thorsonphotography.com.au

November 30, 2017 by Annabel Brown

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