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Real Talk: Getting acquainted with Aimee Kendall from Aimee- Cherie Intimates

Here at Miss Winks we are clearly obsessed with beautiful lingerie (obvs) and spend a lot of time researching amazing up- and-coming labels. Tough life. There is one that has stood out from the very first moment we laid eyes on one of the oh-so-feminine, 90’s-esque designs and we knew we were in love: Aimee- Cherie Intimates. ACI has recently joined the Miss Winks family and we have been known to stare lovingly at the pieces for longer than is acceptable on more than one occasion. They are just so pretty! The woman behind this glorious brand is Aimee Kendall and we just couldn’t wait to chat to her about her journey. We think she’s a bit fabulous, read on to get acquainted…

MW: Congratulations on your stunning intimates range- Aimee- Cherie Intimates! You know we love what you do here at Miss Winks but can you tell us a little more about why you started your label?

AK: Thank-you! AC Intimates started a little bit all by accident. They were pieces from my grad collection that gained a bit of traction thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Before I kind of realised what I was even doing I had started a small business! I obviously really love what I do, and that’s why I’ve kept with it.

Aimee Cherie Intimates

MW: Why did you decide to focus on lingerie? Can you talk us through the process about how your idea turned into a successful business?

AK: It was really a bit of an accident! My grad collection of sheer gowns needed bras to go underneath so the young models had some modesty. I’ve never been a fan of those plain padded t-shirt bras, so the next option for me was to design some little delicate lace bralettes that would complement the gowns. There has been a lot of natural progression in my business since the beginning. I was lucky enough to attract the attention of some great influencers along the way, and other creatives to help create our beautiful imagery.

MW: What is your favourite aspect of owning your own business?

AK: I still love that I can create my own hours, and my own schedule every week. In the same breath though owning a business means unexpected things come up all the time, and it's your sole responsibility to take care of them.

Aimee Cherie Intimates- Knox Shorties- Blush- Miss Winks

MW: What does a typical working day look like for you?

AK: I very rarely ever have the same day. I always try start my day by putting up a post on Instagram (out of bed and after a shower if possible to ensure my bedroom doesn’t become another extension of my work space), then I check my emails and I’ve just started enforcing a new rule to live by- reply to ALL emails by the end of the everyday, no matter how bland, annoying, stressful or hard they are to reply to! The remainder of my day is spent either sewing orders, working alongside my part time employee, running around collecting fabrics or meeting with collaborators. I end every day with a long walk along the beautiful Perth coastline with my bulldog Peaches, to kind of unwind and reflect on what I got done that day, and what I need to focus on the next day.

MW: What would you say is the biggest achievement or milestone for AC Intimates so far?

AK: Eugh, I always get kinda overwhelmed with this question! When I try look back at what we’ve done, it almost just blurs into one image. I always get excited when we receive an email from a big retailer to stock our brand, or when we secure a new stockist (like yourself!). I guess it kind of relates to me as an indicator that the brand is growing, and we are reaching more girls out there!

MW: What makes you keep going in business on the tough days?

AK: The bigger goal! I certainly haven’t reached the height success for this business by any means, and the end vision I have always motivates to get on with it and have another go. Tough days, when things go wrong, or something unexpected happens are difficult to deal with for anyone! As a business owner, especially when you have employees, I think you need to make sure the bad days don’t get you down too much. You need to be able to learn how to bounce back from them, and use it as a motivation to do good the next day.

MW: Where do you see your label in the upcoming year?

AK: Well our summer collection will launch soon, which is always my favourite one, and this one in particular I’m super excited about. I hope to have ACI in more stores across Australia, and who knows this might even be the year we stock internationally!

Aimee Cherie Intimates- Frankie Romper- Forrest- Miss Winks

MW: What advice would you give to any aspiring lingerie designers?

AK: Know your stuff! Lingerie is technically difficult to make, and a poor fit is blindingly obvious. There are no ways to cut corners, so make sure you research and trial and error your product thoroughly before putting it on the shelf.

MW: And finally- a few fun facts:

Coffee or tea? Coffee always

Heels or flats? Somewhere in-between

Heavy metal or Country? Ooft, maybe heavy metal? I don’t know. Maybe not actually.

Skirt or pants? Skirt in summer, pants in winter.

City or beach? Beach every time.

Thank you Aimee xx


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