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Real Talk: Chatting with boss-babes Lil & Emm

Here at Miss Winks, we love seeing independent and up-and-coming designers doing amazing things and kicking goals in the design and business spaces. Not only do we stock independent, Australian brands but we wholeheartedly support them. It's an absolute privilege to be on this journey with incredible people, who inspire us every day through their dedication, hard-work and all round kick-ass attitude.

Two such women are Sheree and Emma from lingerie and swimwear label, Lil & Emm (stocked at Miss Winks, swoonand we sat down with the girls to chat about all things biz and life.

Prepare to be inspired!

MW: You know we love what you do here at Miss Winks but can you tell us a little more about why and how you started your label?

L&E: We met at the Canberra Institute of Technology where we were both studying design (fashion) and have been inseparable ever since! We worked together a lot during our study and quickly realised our design aesthetic was quite similar but with unique strengths. It was only a matter of time before we started collaborating and then moved on to having our own label. We knew we had something special we just had to share with the world!

MW: We know you two are BFF's- what has it been like partnering with your bestie and what advice would you give to others thinking of joining forces with a business partner?

L&E: We are! Working with each other we have been lucky enough to be able to share some incredible experiences and pinch-yourself moments together. In saying that, it can seem like an amazing lifestyle but with that comes an incredible work commitment that we have to our business. Through ups, downs, challenging times we are always there 100% for each other. Make sure you are partnering up with someone you are able to be brutally honest with, someone as dedicated as you are and someone who you can have a laugh with no matter the situation or how long the day has been!

MW: What is your favourite aspect of owning your own business?

L&E: Being your own boss and doing what you absolutely love to do is priceless. If you are brave enough to follow your true passion life definitely rewards you! Owning your own business gives you so much freedom and a creative license to do exactly what you want! It is just so much more exciting when you are working really hard for your own growth. Creating a lifestyle that suits us is definitely the best part!

MW: What does a typical working day look like for you?

L&E: A typical working day for us starts with our social media posts, getting back to emails – other than that each day is so different. We could be sewing, out on location doing a photoshoot or fabric hunting high and low. Other than that you’ll find us in the studio designing and gathering inspiration.

Flirty Cross Over G-string- Lil and Emm at Miss Winks

MW: The shopping landscape seems to be changing- do you find people are moving away from mainstream labels and are seeking out independent brands such as yours?

L&E: It is definitely changing, the market is saturated with mainstream labels with similar designs to each other. Our customers are looking for something more unique and special that can’t be found everywhere.

MW: What makes you keep going in business on the tough days?

L&E: Our passion for our label, it may sound cliché but we simply can’t imagine life without it. We always remind ourselves why we started and that if it was easy everyone would be doing it! It’s never an option to give up no matter how tough the day is.

MW: Where do you see your label in the upcoming year?

L&E: We have an exciting new brand look coming and some exciting new pieces, collections, collaborations coming up so expect to see more of us!

MW: What advice would you give to any aspiring designers out there?

L&E: Stick to your style, your customers will feel it if you’re not being genuine or true to yourself or your designs. Stay focused on your brand and it will come to life.

MW: And finally- do you have a mantra to help you in business and life?

L&E: We live by the mantra that success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. Work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it away from you. We love to dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround ourselves with good people.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new range coming to Miss Winks soon xx

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