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The Interview: Miss Winks talks to Kat The Label

It's no surprise that here at Miss Winks, we LOVE lingerie!

One of our favourite brands in-store now is Kat The Label. We got the opportunity to sit down with Kate Nixon, aka the Ladyboss at the helm of Kat, to talk to her about all things lingerie and being the boss. Totes girl crushing.

MW: Congratulations on your stunning intimates range- Kat The Label! You know we love what you do here at Miss Winks but can you tell us a little more about why and how you started your label?

KN: Thank you !!! Well the start of Kat the Label was sort of an accident, as I studied deisgn at university and really enjoyed the lingerie unit we did. I started making my own bralettes for fun and posting them on Instagram when people started asking me if they could buy them.
I began sewing pieces made to order, and eventually when I couldn’t keep up with demand anymore opened a proper website and took manufacturing offshore and bam! That’s how it all started.

  1. Kat The Label Infinity

MW: That's incredible! What is your favourite aspect of owning your own business?

KN: I love the freedom I have- to make my own decisions regarding where I want to take the brand and all creative control over design. It also doesn’t hurt that I can work my own hours!

MW: That's a definite bonus! What does a typical working day look like for you?

KN: Typically I’ll get into my office by 8:30 with a large latte, and start sifting through emails (so many!) and packing orders from the day before. Once all that’s out of the way I’ll either work on new design, collaborations or social media marketing. Because its only me at the moment there's always something to keep me busy!

MW: I hear ya sister. What makes you keep going in business on the tough days?

KN: Haha oh goodness so many tough days! I try to keep persevering on those days reminding myself that they do go away. Even if I have to step out of the office for an afternoon and catch up with a friend or go for a run. We all have bad days but that’s the game of small business!

Kat the Label Karma Bralette

MW: Where do you see your label in the upcoming year?

KN: I see Kat with a wider range of sets and bralettes, some amazing new unique fabrics, expanding into more technical pieces of lingerie with underwire and hopefully take on a staff member to help with all the chaos!

MW: Exciting! We can't wait to see your future ranges! What advice would you give to any aspiring lingerie designers?

KN: Be unique! I see so many copy cat lingerie labels on instagram that people have just bought directly from China. The best part about being a designer is creating your own designs. Even if you only do a few select pieces, just make them awesome and people will appreciate the creativity behind it.

MW: Love that! The shopping landscape seems to be changing- do you find people are moving away from mainstream labels and are seeking out independent brands such as yours?

KN: I think people are starting to appreciate unique designs and support small business. I’ve always preferred the personal service of shopping with a boutique brand rather than a giant. I try to make every order and parcel really personal so each of my customers feels like they have really been looked after.

Kat the Label Lullaby Knickers

MW: Awesome- that's our goal here at Miss Winks, too. And finally- do you have a mantra to help you in business and life?

In business and life I always like to think ‘a year ago you’ll wish you already started’ – to stop procrastinating and just take action! Whether it’s a fitness routine or starting a blog, no one ever got anywhere sitting around waiting for opportunities to come to them.

Wise Words! You can shop Kat The Label's new range on-line now.

Miss Winks xx

July 01, 2016 by Annabel Brown

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