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Deesse- Elle Louise Designs- Interview with Miss Winks Boutique Braddon Canberra

Gemstones are having a moment right now. And here at Miss Winks, we love 'em. From marble to quartz, amethyst to opal, their ethereal qualities woo us every time.

This is one of the reasons that Hayley Niven's jewellery label, Elle Louise Designs, was one of the very first brands we stocked at Miss Winks. The delicate chokers, layering necklaces, rings, bangles, statement pieces and funky ear-jackets have been adorning our customers since we opened shop, and for very good reason. The collections are varied and unique and the pieces encrusted with crystals and semi-precious stones have been understandable popular.

Elle Louise Lapis gem choker- Miss Winks Online Boutique Braddon Canberra Blog

And we're not the only ones to have fallen in love with Elle Louise. The label has really taken off, with celebrities and fashionistas taking notice with signature pieces popping up regularly in our Insta feed.

We chatted with Hayley about her label in the lead-up to the launch of her new collection, Deesse:

MW: Congratulations on your stunning label! You know we love what you do here at Miss Winks but can you tell us a little more about why and how you started your label? What does it take to create your own range of jewellery?

HN: Oh thanks guys! Having my own label allows me to express myself through my creations. Originally coming from a clothing background, jewellery was an easy switch to make as we can assemble everything in house. I love being a part of the whole process, from the first design concept to sending the final product out to our customers.

Elle Louise gemstone necklace- Miss Winks Boutique Online Braddon Canberra Blog

MW: What is your favourite aspect of owning your own business?

HN: I would have to say the incredible diversity I have within my job. I get to meet so many people and work on so many projects that I wouldn’t have the chance to do if I worked for a large design house.  The one thing I absolutely love about my job is that the next day is never the same as the last. There is always something new happening. We just want to keep doing what we do best, and with that we can't wait to see what the future holds!

MW: Do you have a mantra to help you in business and life?

HN: To make sure you smell the roses! In such a fast paced industry it’s easy to find yourself always looking ahead and never around at what you have worked so hard to create. I make sure I stop every now and again and appreciate where we have come from and what we have achieved so far.

MW: We're excited you're launching a new collection just in time for Christmas, Deesse. What was your inspiration?

HN: Our newest collection, Deesse, is inspired by the modern bohemian goddess. The word Deesse comes from the French language with the translation being ‘Goddess’. So its only fitting that this collection brings to you Luxe Bohemian glam with its stunning selection of handcrafted crystals.

Elle Louise- Deesse- Miss Winks Boutique Braddon Canberra Online Blog

We can't wait to show you the new range! Keep your eyes peeled for Deesse at Miss Winks very soon xx

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