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Can I wear a bralette? Finding your perfect fit

Since starting Miss Winks, we have noticed that there has been one question we have been hearing pretty frequently: Can I wear a bralette?

This question has been mostly asked by the larger bosomed amongst us, but don't fret ladies, you CAN wear a bralette more often than not, you just need to find the right one!

So how do we determine which bralette is best?

1. Cup size- while the back circumference of most bralettes are pretty standard, the cup size can be varied from style to style, brand to brand. Some are more generous, some more delicate. If you're shopping online, check out the bust of the model wearing the style- does she have bigger breasts? If so, you can assume it will have a similar fit on you.

Palindrome Miss Winks Canberra Panthera Bralette

2. Back size- Generally, your best bet when picking a bralette is to look at your t-shirt size and go with the equivalent of that if your bust is a C cup or under. If your cup size is a D or above go up a t-shirt size. So if you're a 10 C, you would likely choose a S in a bralette, if you were a 10D, you would go up to a medium.

Mae's Sunday Miss Winks Canberra Lissome Frill Bralette

3. Stretch- You want a little stretch in the fabric so it will mould to your shape but not too much as you want it to be firm enough to hold you in and provide support. Too much stretch in the fabric will equal less support. This also applies to the delicate lacey numbers!

Kat the Label Miss Winks Canberra Karma Bralette

4. Under-bust support- This is a big one! If you have a larger bust you will need a more robust strap under the bust. Ideally at least an inch thick with minimal stretch. This will give support and lift. The option to adjust this strap is important too if you have a larger bust.

5. Shoulder straps- Again, larger busts will be looking for thicker straps that are adjustable. It's amazing what adjusting the straps can do for lift. You might also find that if you loosen the straps you will get rid of 'double-boob' (we may just have coined a new term!) Cross-over straps are also a winner for extra lift and support.

Kat the Label Miss Winks Canberra Karma Bralette

If you're looking for a bralette as a gift for your friend or lover, don't fret! Use the tips above regarding their T-shirt size and if you have access to their knicker drawer, find the bra/ bralette they wear the most and buy this size! Our favourite bras are generally the comfiest, most flattering we own so this will be a good indication of where to start.

Palindrome Miss Winks Canberra Panthera Bralette

And trust us when we say, pretty lingerie is always a welcome gift!

Miss Winks xx



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