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Buying Lingerie for Her: A Dudes Guide

Let's face it, a gift of lingerie can be a gift for two. 

If you're a guy trying to navigate the world of lingerie to find your partner the ultimate in sexy gifts, where do you start? The cuts, the size, the colour! It can be a daunting task.

But it doesn't have to be. Miss Winks is here to help!

If the thought of entering a lingerie store alone fills you with dread, shopping online can be a much gentler experience. Armed with the knowledge below you will be sure to dazzle and delight with the perfect gift!

1. Investigate. Yes, it will look a little odd if you're caught in the act, but the easiest way to find out your gals size and preferred cut is to have a look at her existing pieces. Have a squiz in her undie drawer- what size is on the tags? If you know she has a favourite bra or type of knickers- pay attention to the style and size. They are her favourite for a reason.

Palindrom Panthera Set- Miss Winks Boutique Blog Braddon Canberra

2. Consider colour. 

Does she has a preference for racy red or does black float her boat? Pick a colour she will feel radiant in.

Palindrom Panthera Set- Miss Winks Boutique Blog Braddon Canberra

3. Style supreme.

You want to buy your love something she will feel comfortable in, so style and cut are important factors. Does she love a good push-up, or are soft-cup bralettes more her flavour? Does she wear g-strings or cheekie cut? Again, look at what she wears in and out of the bedroom to find her favourite. If she has an array of styles and it's all to overwhelming, do not fear. Find something you think will be simply beautiful on her. Delicate lace is generally a winner. If you think she looks beautiful, she will notice.

Palindrom Majesty Set- Miss Winks Boutique Blog Braddon Canberra

4. Make it fun!

If you're going for seduction (and I'm assuming the point of this exercise is not to add to her Bonds collection) why not add in some extras to help create the mood? A scented candle, sexy suspenders or perfume would do a treat. 

Damselfly Gift Set- Nice- Miss Winks Boutique Blog Braddon Canberra

Of course, if you want a second opinion, we are on-hand to answer any of your lingerie or gift related questions! Email us at [email protected]

Now go forth and conquer, noble soldier!

Miss Winks xx




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