about me

I have always been the original hawk-eye for finding a good deal, with magpie tendencies for anything sparkly (so may bird analogies...anywho I digress). It's as if finding a bargain is in my DNA.

I have been helping women and men embrace their style for the past decade and beyond, with my work as a personal and freelance stylist. I have lived and breathed fashion with my own personal styling business, with clients including Westfield ( where I was a resident stylist for 2.5 years) and St George Bank.

I have also been a style commentator and editorial stylist in publications and websites such as Stylehunter.com, Westfield.com, HerCanberra.com and The Canberra Times.

Years ago I owned another vintage clothing boutique and realised I am at my most content scouring racks for the perfect vintage gem.  It is now, several years later that I came to the realisation that styling and curating vintage and thrifted pieces is where my heart lies...and here we are.

It is my love of all things fashion and style, a desire to live consciously and sustainably, as well as an innate ability and desire to help women and men embrace their own confidence and empowerment that lead me to continue to pursue personal styling and evolve Miss Winks into what is is today.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.